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How to Get More Clients

23-Year Persuasive Writing Expert  Wants to Give You a FREE Consultation to Reveal How Your Website Can Convert More Visitors into Paying Clients & Customers ...

From: Mike Buck, Ace Copywriter

Tuesday, 9:43 AM

“...The most successful marketing campaign I've ever used was created by Mike Buck. If you want profitable results, use Mike ASAP.”
- Chuck Costigan, Thousand Oaks, CA

Dear Friend,

There is nothing to buy on this page. Instead ...

I Want to Show You Free of Charge
How YOU Can Become More Profitable Overnight
With Virtually No Effort Required from You

How is this possible?


Hi, I'm Mike Buck, and I've devoted my career to mastering the art of getting your business-to-business prospects to ...

notice you... pay attention to you... reach out to you...
and hire you or buy what you sell.

And I do it all by changing the words that describe and promote your products and services. 

Then, you experience new profitable results overnight.

You see, I specialize in helping small business owners and entrepreneurs, just like you, rapidly increase your revenue, profit and income by transforming your ads, websites and marketing pieces to ...

Become More Persuasive.  Here's how ...

The process is complex. But it all boils down to how effectively you:

  • Appeal to the deep desires of your ideal client
  • Solve their most frustrating problems, and
  • Motivate them to take immediate action

If you aren't doing this properly, you're results will suffer ...

Either your leads slowly trickle in, or you lose too many prospects to the same cluster of objections.  Or BOTH! 

As a result, you remain stuck in a painful cycle of income mediocrity. (And that's exactly where your competition hopes you stay!)

About Mike Buck:

23-year direct-response copywriter and marketer mentored by world-class copywriters including John Carlton

Landed $100,360 in new business within 30 days of launch for a start-up SEO company

Helped a Florida-based software firm grow from $1 Million to $4.2 Million in annual revenue in only 2.5 years

World-renowned copywriter, Dan Kennedy and Mike Buck were each hired by a mutual client to write separate pieces of copy for the same project

Specializes in writing effective lead-generation and sales copy for business-to-business markets

Wants to help YOU dominate your market and explode your income, starting with your free consultation (see below ...)

The good news is this is easily fixed.  And it does not require you work any harder.

This is important because you have a definite limit to how much time you can spend selling one-to-one. Besides, promoting your 'stuff' one person at a time robs you of geometric and exponential income growth.

That's why... if you're ever going to unleash a REAL BREAKTHROUGH in your business, you need ...

An Income-Generating Machine

You've got to be able to rely on your "most critical marketing piece(s)" to SELL automatically on your behalf to hundreds, even thousands of prospects at once. All while you're running some other aspect of your business. 

Even better, your new marketing system frees you up to enjoy more time for yourself and your family.

After all, isn't more personal freedom part of the reason you're in business for yourself?

Enjoy Results Overnight

With a compelling marketing piece, you begin to attract more paying clients and customers immediately. 

And you can relax in the certain knowledge that you now have a fresh sales message that never rests... one that consistently promotes your business with a crisp, effective, results-grabbing collection of words.

That's exactly what your ads, websites, and marketing materials are supposed to be doing for you!

When your printed (or web-based) marketing materials communicate the advantages and solutions you provide with precision, clarity, and benefit-driven appeal, prospects and customers flock to you and your business -- without any extra effort required from you!  

Because the words in your sales message are doing the work for you.

The only additional energy you have to expend is to respond to the increased influx of qualified leads and service more paying clients.

So how do you get your marketing materials to sell more effectively?  Simple ...

In 17 Minutes or Less, I Can Show You
How to Turn Your "Most Critical Marketing Piece"
into a Money-Making Workhorse

You might be asking, "What is my Most Critical Marketing Piece?"

It's the one piece of promotional material that's most responsible for producing the greatest number of customers or prospect inquiries for your business

It could be your website's home page, a written proposal, a specific ad or flyer, a sales letter, an email series ... you get the idea.

Here are just a few of the ways I can help you magnify the results from your marketing piece...

  • Capture instant attention from your ideal client or customer (in 3 seconds or less)

  • Build genuine interest in what you sell with crisp, clear benefit-driven key points

  • Stir up emotional desire for your offer by revealing the myriad of ways you solve your reader's most nagging problems 

  • Differentiate yourself from your closest competitors, so you appear fresh, unique, and magically delicious

  • Erect a fortress of credibility that instills trust, confidence and certainty that YOU are the only sensible choice

  • Command your prospect to inquire or buy from you right now -- not with coercion, but with a mouth-watering offer that's simply too appealing to pass up

  • And much, much more

If you had the time and know-how to make all this happen on your own, you would not be reading this right now.

So don't you think it's time you have a true professional help you make
your offer more appealing, so more people inquire and buy from you?  

Of course! Otherwise, you'll continue getting the same old mediocre results, while your wisest competitors make more money from customers that could be buying from YOU.

Request Your FREE Consultation Today 

There's Just One Small Catch...

I reserve the right to withdraw this offer at any time - without notice.  With such a valuable free offer on the table, I could easily become overwhelmed with requests.  At that point, I will pull this offer immediately because I cannot sacrifice the quality of my work to provide free consultations. 

Take advantage of this rare opportunity before it's gone.
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I look forward to helping you unleash your next business breakthrough!


Mike Buck

Mike Buck, Ace Copywriter

P.S. - My clients have paid as much as $375 per hour for this kind of input. But you get it free. 

Why? Because I've learned that the best way for you to truly grasp what I can do for you is via one-on-one conversation. That way, we're able to discuss how my 23 years of marketing and copywriting expertise applies to YOU and the intricacies of YOUR business.

This free consultation paints a new image of clarity around HOW you can start capturing and converting more prospects into PAID CLIENTS and BUYERS of your business-to-business products and services. 

After we talk, increasing your profits will no longer be a fuzzy, far-fetched hope. Instead, your feelings of confidence and certainty about the success of your business will skyrocket.

If you'd prefer to call me, you can reach me at 805-244-1728 during business hours, Pacific Time.

P.P.S. - Here's what just a few of my clients are saying about my work ...

“If you want it written right, there is none better than Mike. Mike was referred to me by world renowned motivational speaker Les Brown. Les said Mike was the best and he was right!” 
- Bryan Franklin, Los Angeles, CA

“Mike is an amazing writer ... a great marketer who understands how to get people glued to his writing.”
- Shlomie Weber, New York, NY

“...I was sold on Mike's copywriting skills long before I hired him. He wrote the copy to a website I purchased something from, and I figured if he can convince an ol' cynic like me to part with his cash, he can convince anybody!...”
- Shaun Pearce, United Kingdom

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